Cloud migration is the process of moving digital assets — like data, workloads, IT resources, etc. — to cloud infrastructure. Cloud migration commonly refers to moving tools and data from old, legacy infrastructure or an on-premises data center to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud is far from a new concept. This interesting topic came to us from Silicon Republic in their article, “How to address cybersecurity when migrating to the cloud.”

Over the past year as the world had to revisit how it communicated, cared for the sick and managed organizations remotely, digital transformation across virtually every industry grew by leaps and bounds.

For organizations that pull off a successful cloud migration, the rewards reaped can include increased scalability, lower costs and security. With the adoption of cloud and the discussion of cybersecurity both reaching new levels, businesses need to think about asset management in terms of protecting the information they move into the cloud.

Melody K. Smith

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