Data is undergoing a dramatic evolution. Businesses, governments and other organizations are unlocking value by turning everyday information into actionable insights. Analytics Insight brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Trust and Data Analytics: Protecting Privacy in Analysis.”

Real-time analytics provides swift solutions to complex problems, enabling faster decision-making and accelerating investments across all industrial sectors. There are some significant trends that are driving this shift. First, there’s a lot more data. Every two days, the world creates as much new data as in all the years to 2003. Next, with advances in data analytics, vast sets of
both structured and unstructured data can be processed at very high speeds. Our ability to connect information, identify patterns and personalize interactions for maximum result has reached a level of
sophistication once only dreamed about.

Unfortunately, with more data comes the risks of privacy breaches. Despite significant investments and measures taken to improve the data and analytics tools and applications, organizations still lack the confidence to implement analytics in their business operations, partly for fear of the risks.

Melody K. Smith

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