The cyberattack on one of the largest pipeline operators in the country was a reminder that our infrastructure is seen as easy prey by complex cybercrime networks. CRN brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “IBM CEO Arvind Krishna On The Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack, The ‘Worrisome’ Chip Shortage And The Future Of AI.”

We thought 2020 had sucker punched us hard enough that surely 2021 would be easier. Unfortunately, cybercrime takes no break.

The pipeline attack emerged from the dark web and sent tens of thousands of Americans to panic-buy gas for their vehicles. The 5,500 mile-long pipeline, which carries 45% of the east coast’s fuel supplies, announced it had been forced to shut down after attackers used the internet to seize control of the fuel-pumping operation.

Ransomware is more commonly known as the cybercrime tool of choice for healthcare institutions. The Colonial Pipeline debacle is the latest in ransomware attacks, which include the targeting of a water treatment plant in Florida, and the Texas-based SolarWinds IT company.

Melody K. Smith

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