Emerging technologies have proven that they have the potential to change the face of public opinion and marketing research. There are always new technologies coming into the marketing research arena and all too often we bore of them before they see their full potential. This interesting topic came to us from Tech Dot Minnesota in their article, “Emerging Techniques and Technologies in Marketing Research.”

At one time, artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were ambitious concepts in marketing. Today, they are part of our daily vernacular. These innovative digital marketing trends are among the top priorities for most business owners in 2021.

As technology advances, so do consumer expectations for the buying experience. Shoppers have an overwhelming amount of information at their fingertips. Making the access to that information easy and intuitive is the first step in a successful marketing strategy.

With ecommerce sales expectations surpassing $4 trillion this year, staying ahead of emerging technology and trends is essential to staying competitive online.

Melody K. Smith

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