Artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies work to make all parts of our lives better, even our commutes. That is, if you still commute. This interesting topic came to us from Tech Crunch in their article, “Utah DOT pilots Blyncsy’s AI-powered road maintenance technology.”

No one likes potholes and other poor road conditions, but other than cursing them or swerving to avoid them, there isn’t much a driver can do. Until someone alerts the local department of transportation to the problem by filing a complaint (if they ever do), it is a fact of daily life.

However, one data intelligence company is launching an AI-powered technology, called Payver, that will use crowd-sourced video data to give transport agencies up-to-date information on which roads require maintenance and improvements. The technology works by collecting any kind of HD images and videos from a variety of sources, such as dash cameras, and analyzing the data sets with machine vision to deliver output to customers. The insights are available to transit agencies in a dashboard format.

Melody K. Smith

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