Data accessibility is the degree to which people in your organization can use data. That is to say that data isn’t just available, but usable — even for people with little to no experience working with data. Industry Week brought this topic to us in their article, “Too Often, the Right Data Isn’t Getting to the Right Person (Even within Their Own Team).”

Data accessibility can be a contentious topic across organizations. Data is power and improving the ability to leverage data across the enterprise would be highly effective at addressing disruption. Unfortunately, this data is seldom available broadly.

Access Innovations can bridge the information silos dispersed throughout organizations to allow improved productivity and better search and analysis.

Creating information order and structure is what a taxonomy is all about. Classifying documents and information against the taxonomy increases the likelihood of document discoverability and creating a positive transaction. Data Harmony’s taxonomy and thesaurus editor provides intuitive, easy to use tools to create custom taxonomies and thesauri.

Melody K. Smith

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