The strategic use of business intelligence (BI) can benefit an organization in many ways. From day-to-day decision making to forecasting for the future, BI plays an essential role in how your company operates. As your company grows, you need a BI platform that can scale fluidly and handle the volumes of data created by more employees, processes and sales. This information came to us from ZD Net in their article, “The BI fabric is slowly but surely evolving.”

Multiple BI platforms in an enterprise are here to stay. The term BI fabric explains the comprehensive approach many organizations are taking to provide a complete and in-depth view of a business. BI fabric refers to technologies and techniques that allow business insights pros to integrate, leverage and reuse components from multiple BI platforms. 

Achieving comprehensive search results in a comprehensive enterprise system requires an equally strategic tool. The Data Harmony suite expands the semantic model to build and deliver the ontology you need for semantic search. A better semantic search will increase the likelihood of finding what you need, when you need it and creating the transaction or outcome you desire.

Melody K. Smith

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