Effective data governance empowers organizations to make major improvements across a wide range of key operational and performance issues. This interesting and important topic came to us from BetaNews in their article, “Data governance — balancing security against risk [Q&A].”

Data integrity and accuracy is important for compliance, decision-making and bottom-line growth. The impact of a solid data governance strategy can be transformative and enable leaders to move forward with new levels of insight.

Most companies already have some form of data governance for individual applications or business departments, although it is not necessarily comprehensively institutionalized. The systematic introduction of data governance is therefore often an evolution from informal rules to formal control.

Data governance programs always affect the strategic, tactical and operational levels in enterprises. In order to efficiently organize and use data in the context of the company and in coordination with other data projects, data governance programs must be treated as an ongoing, iterative process.

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Melody K. Smith

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