Social media and artificial intelligence (AI) aren’t strangers. They have been playing in the same pool of technology and audiences for quite some time. This interesting topic came to us from LinkedIn in their article, “How Facebook Is Using Artificial Intelligence.”

As users browse their social media feeds, they are often, if not always, blind to the amount of their personal data they continue to share. That data is being collected with every scroll and click.

Facebook’s billions of users and vast vault of data provide a jackpot for the company’s developers and engineers to experiment, solve problems and push the boundaries of what AI can do. It isn’t always with nefarious intent. In fact, it rarely is. But it still helps to be aware.

In fact, the world’s largest social networking platform has been using AI for years. They repeatedly state that they are constantly striving to solve problems for users and make the experience even better. Some of this is done through automatic translations, algorithms that are attempting (not always successfully) to detect fake accounts and harassment, and new features to provide better access to those impaired users.

Melody K. Smith

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