Regardless of any skepticism, it is hard to dispute that progress in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has changed our lives for the better. Analytics Insight brought this information to us in their article, “Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.”

These emerging technologies not only boost the performance of a system but also address the problems of an organization. As computer and electrical engineering systems generate huge volumes of data, the application of data mining can discover new relationships in these systems.

Information technology is no longer just about process automation and managing business logic. Instead, insight is the new currency, and the speed with which we can scale that insight and the knowledge it brings is the basis for value creation and the key to competitive advantage. 

Dramatic success in machine learning has led to a plethora of AI applications. However, the effectiveness of these systems is limited by the machines’ current inability to explain their decisions and actions.

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Melody K. Smith

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