Artificial intelligence (AI) has been referred to as the next cloud, referencing cloud computing. Cloud computing was a big shift from the traditional way businesses thought about IT resources. Does that mean AI will have that same kind of impact? This interesting topic came to us from TVB Europe in their article, “AI is the next cloud: what next for artificial intelligence in media?

AI assists in the automation of routine activities within IT infrastructure, which increases insight and productivity. AI and its associated technologies are being implemented heavily by businesses in response to modern challenges with regard to data use and remote working capabilities.

In the world of media, AI exists in the form of machine vision solutions, audio analysis and big data analytics. AI is starting to make its way into media workflows.

There are numerous new early-stage AI technologies which may prove to have a bigger impact in the future. The important thing is to understand what AI is and how it’s achieving results. Data Harmony is Access Innovations’s AI suite of tools that leverages explainable AI for efficient, innovative and precise semantic discovery of new and emerging concepts.

Melody K. Smith

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