The Special Libraries Association (SLA) recently held an election for their Board of Directors and we are proud to announce that Heather Kotula, vice president of marketing and communications for Access Innovations has been elected as a new board member. This from their press release titled, “SLA Members Elect U.K. Librarian as 2023 President.”

“I’m delighted to be a director-elect for SLA,” said Kotula. “We have some challenging times ahead and I am entering this position with a sense of urgency and the motivation to make changes for immediate action to ensure fiscal solvency and future growth.”

Kotula will serve along side new members Anne Barker, senior information specialist at Genentech, JonLuc Christensen, records and archives technical group lead and information/configuration management engineer for the NASA/CalTech Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Kendra Levine, library director in the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Members of the SLA also elected Seema Rampersad, a senior business researcher and service manager at the British Library, to serve as president in 2023. Rampersad will serve as president-elect in 2022 and immediate past president in 2024. 

The SLA is a nonprofit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners in business, government, academic and other specialized settings.

Melody K. Smith

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