The quality of data is important regardless of the industry. In healthcare, it can literally save lives. This topic was brought to us from MobiHealth News in their article, “‘The value of AI is directly proportional to the data quality that you can access‘”.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the ways data integration can make a significant contribution and help to increase the quality of decision-making based on data.

As healthcare organizations are relying more on technologies and datasets to drive forward patient pathways, digital health indicators are more important than ever.

Improving data quality in healthcare begins by understanding the core tenets of data quality management, the value it offers and some of the most common problems to avoid. Recognizing the characteristics of good data quality and understanding where it is headed in the near future, will help any healthcare organization master data quality.

Effectively managing data quality is particularly important in the healthcare industry. Electronic healthcare records and reports are not only heavily governed by strict regulations, but also affect physical treatments and policies. They have a very real and tangible impact on people’s lives.

Melody K. Smith

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