Business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly crucial yet often misunderstood tools in an enterprise context. Every government agency is loaded with data that it could use to fulfill its mission more efficiently and effectively. But getting from here to there isn’t necessarily an easy proposition. This where BI and AI can be of assistance. MeriTalk brought this topic to us in their article, “How BI and AI Help Agencies Get From Data Overload to Data-Driven Decision-Making.”

AI capable of making a big difference in our analytics world. Combining AI and BI helps democratize data and improve analytics adoption. Radical advances in computing power, predictive analytics, machine learning and AI have opened the door to a new generation of BI tools.

The end goal of AI is to replicate human intelligence in a machine. While the end goal of BI is to provide insightful information that facilitates complex decision-making in a particular enterprise. 

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Melody K. Smith

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