Each year, data breaches are responsible for compromising the personal information of millions of people around the globe. These breaches cost organizations billions of dollars per year, and are causing governments to implement new requirements for organizations to secure their data. Security Intelligence brought this news to us in their article, “What You Need to Know About Data Security Heading into 2022.”

Worldwide, data breaches cost $141 per compromised record, according to one survey. In certain industries, the cost was much higher — $380 per record in the healthcare industry and $245 per record in the financial services industry.

Modern enterprises must ensure that their systems can resist unauthorized access, stop data breaches and remain secure and still accessible for owners and users. Attacks occurred less often in the past, but with the digital tools available today, businesses could become a target if left not protected and exposed.

Making the content safe is important. Making it findable is important to knowledge management.

Melody K. Smith

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