Data will only continue to grow. Combined with the convergence of data lakes and warehouses and the need to make quick decisions, the drive for innovation and improvements in the response time on real-time analytics will follow suit. Venture Beat brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Real-time analytics in 2022: What to expect?

Real-time analytics essentially means that data is provided for analysis almost immediately once it is collected. Users can see, analyze and understand data from a system in real time. Furthermore, real-time analytics provides insights for making real-time decisions. This allows organizations to draw conclusions from the data and react without the usual delays.

Customers expect more than ever in terms of personalization. They expect to be a “segment of one” across recommendations, offers, experience and more. Companies know this and compete with each other to deliver the best user and customer experience possible.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can delve through your data to identify and classify concepts and allow you to expand your semantic model to create meaning and relationships. Data Harmony is so much more than just an editor; it’s a suite of tools to help you with your semantic search journey. The Data Harmony suite analyzes, manages and enriches content.

Melody K. Smith

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