Digital transformation has transformed every facet of how businesses operate and compete today. The massive amount of data generated, processed and stored by enterprises has grown aggressively, clearly illustrating the need for data management. This interesting information came to us from IT ProPortal in their article, “The double-edged sword of increased digital data collection.”

In turn, the computing ecosystems have also become more complex than ever, encompassing cloud infrastructure, data centers and multiple edge devices like routers, integrated access devices, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, robots and many more. Unfortunately, this means an attack surface has formed, which is more challenging to monitor and secure.

Consumers have become prudent about data privacy. Developing trust among them has become momentous for enterprises. However, the value of protecting data has never been more critical.

Quality data does not have to come at the cost of confidentiality. It is not a trade off. The whole world is experiencing an important digital transformation. The essence of an information system lies in the data; if it is not of good quality or not sufficiently protected, the consequences will undoubtedly be harmful.

Melody K. Smith

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