Data operations (DataOps) is a data management methodology that improves an organization’s efficiency and profitability by applying agile techniques to the workflows that derive business value from data. This interesting information came to us from TDWI in their article, “Why Data Operations Platforms Can’t Survive without Governance.”

As more companies and organizations harness big data, getting the data quality and data processes right will be critical to success.

DataOps is not a technology solution or an exhaustive best-practice guideline. It’s a methodological approach that identifies principles to manage data, operations, people and processes.

DataOps effectively brings the data management discipline under a single umbrella: data policies, data governance and data management are abstracted from the underlying data assets and applications. The decisions are applied consistently form a single point of management across all apps and infrastructure.

Organizations that adopt an agile and composable data governance strategy will not only be ready to participate in these emerging ecosystem economies but will be well positioned to thrive in them.

Melody K. Smith

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