Franz Inc. recently released Gruff 8.1, a knowledge graph visualization software tool that can be embedded in any web page or web application. This has loads of potential for users who want to visually build queries and visualize the connections between enterprise data directly. This interesting news came to us from The Gilbane Advisor in their article, “Franz’s Gruff 8.1 brings visual knowledge graphs to web applications.”

This enables a simple and seamless knowledge discovery experience, which is always the goal.

Knowledge graphs are at the core of many of the tools that we use in our daily lives, such as voice assistants, intuitive search applications and even online store recommenders. The technology’s central promise is that it can harmonize and link structured and unstructured data, resulting in higher data quality that is ideal for machine learning.

The tools and data you can add to your information management practices by building your knowledge graph, such as semantic metadata enrichment, taxonomies and ontologies, will also serve as the perfect foundation for many artificial intelligence applications.

Melody K. Smith

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