Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are invaluable to organizations managing uncertainty in real time, but most predictive models rely on historical patterns. COVID-19 and the past two years has impacted trends. How can companies account for a crisis in their analytics strategy? This interesting topic came to us from Dataconomy in their article, “How AI and Data Analytics Will Impact the Era of COVID-19.”

Data analytics is not just a trending topic. AI will be a major part of the future and will be used to control and improve every industry. COVID-19 has been the catalyst to digitize healthcare interactions, and federal regulations require that datasets adhere to standards that enable integration.

From customer behavior to supply and demand patterns, historical patterns and the assumption of continuity are what give predictive models their power. COVID-19’s impact on how we live and work has challenged those patterns—and the models companies use for making business decisions.

Melody K. Smith

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