The average business receives 10,000 alerts every day from the various software tools it uses to monitor for intruders, malware and other threats. With everything taking place on the global stage, it is easy for cybersecurity professional to find themselves inundated with data requiring their immediate attention to manage their cyber defenses. This timely topic came to us from Interesting Engineering in their article, “How artificial intelligence is influencing the arms race in cybersecurity.”

The stakes have never been higher. Cyberattacks are increasing and affect thousands of organizations and millions of people in the U.S. alone.

Organizations are becoming inundated with data relating to cybersecurity and they are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) in order to keep abreast of it all.

Unfortunately, the cybersecurity landscape is poised to become more treacherous with the emergence of AI-powered cyberattacks, which could enable cybercriminals to fly under the radar of conventional, rules-based detection tools.

Making the content findable is important to knowledge management. Keeping data safe is important for businesses.

Melody K. Smith

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