Technology evolves. It is a fact for sure, but still a bittersweet one at times. With the news that Apple is retiring the final version of the iPod is no surprise, but what does this mean for smart technology and the growing mobile market? The Scholarly Kitchen brought this news to us in their article, “The End of the iPod.”

I still have two iPod Nanos and will keep them until they give up the ghost. They still serve the purpose intended when I purchased them… ahem, a few years ago. That doesn’t mean I haven’t embraced newer technology and also stream music in different ways for other uses.

In the world of technology, what are we embracing now that is a future generation of something retired from the past?

The computer used to be the central device that could be used to edit photos and movies or manage a large music library. Apple changed that with the various forms of the iPod. Instead of simply mourning the loss of the devices, let’s celebrate the rich and full existences they led before looking at our wrist for the next song or web search. Because at the end of the day, making the content findable is important to knowledge management – regardless of the device.

Melody K. Smith

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