It shouldn’t be a surprise that technology organizations are leading the way on digital learning. Cisco is expanding the way current and future network pros acquire job-changing skills and prepare to earn certifications with a new educational unit called Cisco U. Network World brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Cisco adds to network training lineup with Cisco U. launch.”

Cisco U. is a digital learning center that will offer a variety of online and in-person learning tools and classes geared towards skills, information and access to lab environments that are needed for evolving job needs.

To keep up with the pace of technological evolution, IT workforces require ongoing certifications and learning new skills. In an environment where knowledge and technology are constantly growing and evolving, training and development are key factors in organizational success. Smart companies invest in employee training and development to enhance job performance, improve productivity, and increase morale—all of which can positively impact an organization’s bottom line.

Melody K. Smith

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