Data governance has become an emerging topic as organizations require a more sophisticated approach over the management of their data assets. Use of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoTs), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain can help to achieve efficiency and transparency in governance. This information came to us from TechTartget in their article, “Experts outline keys for strong data governance framework.”

There is an immediate need to develop innovative solutions for evidence-based monitoring and data-driven decision making to enhance effectiveness in governance.

Some think they have achieved data governance because their data is housed and secured in a trusted public cloud with logins restricted to key staff and because they have a separation between their production and development environments. However, while essential, those items are not data governance.

Data Harmony is a fully customizable suite of software products designed to maximize precise, efficient information management and retrieval. Our suite includes tools for taxonomy and thesauri construction, machine aided indexing, database management, information retrieval and explainable AI.

Melody K. Smith

Data Harmony is an award-winning semantic suite that leverages explainable AI.

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