Technology jobs have long been on the rise, but with the pandemic changing the way many businesses operate, there is an increased dependency on analytics to determine strategy. The Economic Times brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “Big data analytics forecasted to be the most in-demand skill in 2022: Monster Annual Trends Report.”

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning continues to grow in 2022, with a significant increase in the demand for related roles. A recent report revealed that 96% of companies are definitely planning or likely to plan to hire new staff with relevant skills to fill future big data analytics related roles in 2022.

The top skills organizations are on the lookout for are data science, cloud computing, AI, blockchain, and machine learning.

Metadata makes digital content findable. However, findability works only when a proper taxonomy is in place. Access Innovations is one of a very small number of companies able to help its clients generate ANSI/ISO/W3C-compliant taxonomies and associated rule bases for machine-assisted indexing.

Melody K. Smith

Data Harmony is an award-winning semantic suite that leverages explainable AI.

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