It is no surprise that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are being used in healthcare. The news is how it continues to advance and find new applications in all aspects of patient care. This interesting information came to us from the American Medical Association in their article, “How do AI, VR help doctors deliver care? CPT code tells the tale.”

The emergence of AI in healthcare has been groundbreaking, reshaping the way diagnosis, testing, and treatment of patients takes place. This technology is drastically improving outcomes by producing more accurate diagnoses and enabling more personalized treatments. AI’s ability to analyze vast swaths of clinical documentation quickly helps medical professionals identify disease markers and trends that would otherwise be overlooked. The potential applications of AI in healthcare are many and far-reaching, from scanning radiological images for early detection to predicting outcomes based solely on electronic health records.

In 2021, the CPT Editorial Panel adopted a taxonomy to describe health services or procedures delivered via AI. The new AI taxonomy provides guidance for classifying various AI-powered medical service applications, such as machine learning or algorithm-based solutions.

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Melody K. Smith

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