June 17, 2010 – One of Frequentis’ young research engineers received the Student Innovative Idea Award at this year’s Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) conference.  

ATC Network shared this news in their article, “FREQUENTIS wins the Innovative Idea Award at the ICNS 2010 conference”.  The 2010 event was held in Washington DC in May where the focus was on The Challenges of NextGen: New Issues for Aviation’s Future. The Frequentis contribution Ontology-based CNS Software Development drew on some impressive research results, spreading insights across the Atlantic from SESAR to NEXTGEN. It describes an approach to leverage designs, procedures, and technologies from control centers in any specific domain into other domains. Cost savings and improved speed-to-market are the benefits of this research on a modern Ontology-Based Control Room Framework (ONTOCOR).  

Hannes Bardach, CEO of Frequentis congratulated Eduard Gringinger and said,

“The ontology-based approach by Mr. Gringinger proves that transferring control room solutions from one environment to another will result in significant cost savings for our customers.”


Melody K. Smith

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