June 8, 2010 – As one of the few remaining companies focused on semantic advertising, Crystal Semantics is blurring the lines of technology and cornering the core linguistics market.

Semantic Web recently spoke to Crystal Semantics’ Managing Director, Ian Saunders, in “Semantic Advertising: Is An Ontology The Answer? Crystal Semantics Think So” Their technology is based on decades of linguistics research that has a huge chance of impacting the market. What Crystal Semantics call categories or sometimes lexemes, can be seen as an ontology and being hierarchical makes targeting even easier and much more powerful than word search. Crystal Semantics uses the top down approach to the semantic web which does not rely on meta tagging A statistical approach like latent semantic indexing (LSI) is clearly ideal for someone like Google, but other advertising professionals are trying linguistics to improve relevance and that is where Crystal Semantics has a huge opportunity to score. This type of content processing is what we need to see in action.

Melody K. Smith

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