June 30, 2010 – Turning text into data; the semantic web is getting smarter every day. 

Poynter Online shared this topic in their article, “How the Semantic Web Can Connect News and Make Stories More Accessible”.  The article refers to a panel discussion that coincided with the 2010 Semantic Technology Conference and was dealing with the Web’s evolution from a tangle of text to a database capable of understanding its own content. The panel proposed that metadata improves reader engagement by linking together related media. Supporting the manual creation of metadata, though, poses economical challenges for online news organizations. The panelists included Tom Tague, vice president for platform strategy with Thomson Reuters; New York Times Semantic Technologist Evan Sandhaus; allVoices CEO Amra Tareen; and Read It Later creator Nate Weiner. This lively discussion is worth a read, so check it out. 

Melody K. Smith

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