July 21, 2010 – Solcara’s latest release, PRISM, enables information held within disparate information systems, databases, and online services to be conceptually linked together.

Using semantic methods and relating like data to describe each record makes each resource semantically aware without the need for expensive conversion and tagging of the content. This announcement was brought to our attention by PR.com in their post, “Solcara PRISM to Use Semantic Technologies to Link Information Across Disparate Information Systems and Services”.

Solcara PRISM can interface with both semantic and non-semantic systems to provide a platform for all search needs. Combining this with Solcara SolSearch, an advanced federated search technology, makes information resources semantically accessible and able to use the knowledge to create comprehensive results. By allowing users to focus on what they need and not how they find it, the semantic web becomes an even clearer possibility.

Melody K. Smith

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