July 14, 2010 – ZyLAB warns British companies that under the Civil Procedure Rules, failure to effectively manage information could result in large fines, weakened cases, and loss of business.

ECM Connection shared this information in their article, “ZyLAB Warns Organisations: Fail To Produce Data Under The Civil Procedure Rules And Incur Massive Fines”.  The cost of preparing data can be relatively high. However, the cost of over-retaining or losing data can also be prohibitive. One of the key challenges today is that information is stored in many different formats – from paper to e-mail to multimedia. It all needs to be managed and stored effectively to avoid big risks to businesses. Under UK law, organizations that do not prepare adequately for litigation face a weakened case in court and possible contempt of court charges. Because of this, companies are trying to manage their information effectively to enhance data accessibility and ultimately minimize cost and disruption from legal action or regulatory audits. ZyLAB has provided good words of warning to heed.

Melody K. Smith

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