July 28, 2010 – No real definition of Web 3.0 has been agreed upon; however, one professional muses that though Web 3.0 will not result in a huge paradigm shift, it will be a catalyst for change in the way we use and define the Internet – in a few years.

William Laurent from Information Management Magazine recently penned an article, “Interface: Where We’re Headed with Web 3.0”, where he acknowledges that Web 3.0 will effectively categorize and present digital information to users in a visually improved manner that enhances interaction, analysis, intuition and search functions. Laurent also points out that the key driver in this scenario is the concept of taxonomies.

Solid enterprise taxonomies prepared and managed with business rules to interpret content and apply taxonomy terms, and that are transparent and human-understandable, can support users by extending to them the full semantic richness of the taxonomy.

Melody K. Smith

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