August 4, 2010 – Carrot2 has developed a multi-faceted search clustering engine available as open source framework.

Carrot2 has developed its own Lingo and LTC document clustering algorithms, and offers ready-to-use components for retrieving search results from multiple sources. The search results can be automatically organized into thematic categories. Carrot2 is implemented in Java but also integrates with non-Java software. An open-source project featuring a Carrot2-based search clustering plug-in provides crawling, searching, and clustering in one piece for your website.

Carrot’s spin-off company, Carrot Search, uses Lingo 3G document clustering and specializes in multilingual clustering, synonyms, advanced tuning, and scalability for organizing text documents into clearly-labeled thematic folders. Carrot2 provides accurate, on-the-fly search clustering engines.

Melody K. Smith

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