August 18, 2010 – Voting for the ballot on standard ISO/FDIS 24614-1, Language resource management -Word segmentation of written texts — Part 1: Basic concepts and general principles is coming to a close.

This part of ISO 24614 presents the basic concepts and general principles of word segmentation, and provides language-independent guidelines to enable written texts to be segmented, in a reliable and reproducible manner, into word segmentation units (WSU). Elaborating standards for the rules and methods for word segmentation can facilitate innovation and development in areas such as language learning and translation. It could improve language-related technologies, including spell checking, grammar checking, dictionary look-up, terminology management, translation memory, information retrieval, information extraction and machine translation. 

This ballot is from a liaison committee: TC 37, Terminology and other language and content resources, Subcommittee SC 4, Language resource management. NISO members can recommend a vote and provide comments but the U.S. vote will be submitted by the TC37 administrator, ASTM International. Facilitation of automatic translation and other basic systems depends on getting the data in a consistent form. We can play a part in ensuring that happens.

Margie Hlava

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