September 8, 2010 – fise (Furtwangen IKS Semantic Engine) is an open source RESTful semantic engine to which NUXEO has made contributions. According to the contributors, the goal of fise includes bringing new semantic features to CMS.

InfoQ brought this news to our attention in their article, “Nuxeo Introduces fise Semantic Engine.” fise is part of a larger effort, IKS (Interactive Knowledge Stack) as a means of enhancing CMS offerings with Semantic Web capabilities.

A semantic engine takes unstructured input and produces what amounts to searchable indices and concordances as a means of extracting the meaning of that input. Using this kind of classification information, the engines can also sort and link related documents and extract assumptions. Since a content management system is primarily concerned with the creation, persistence, and organization of texts, the integration of a semantic engine can provide obvious advantages.

Semantic technology continues to advance and evolve. It is ever more important to have someone with the expertise and knowledge handling your content.

Melody K. Smith

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