September 23, 2010 – Sophia Search brings a different approach to searching information in the enterprise to market in the form of a search engine tool that understands the relationships among related sets of content. Rather than taking an approach to indexing that relies on taxonomy and ontology, Sophia search engine relies on a Contextual Discovery Engine.

This was brought to our attention by CTOEdge’s article, “Sophia Unveils New Approach to Enterprise Search” It seems that this Contextual Discovery Engine learns the nuances of documents by applying a semiotic approach to discover not only what is in a document but also its relative context to the search request. According to Sophia CEO David Paterson, Sophia Search was created using a semiotic linguistic model jointly developed by research teams at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland and the University of Saint Petersburg in Russia.

No ontology? No taxonomy foundation to index against? New technology happens every day, but not all of it survives. It will be interesting to watch this one.

Melody K. Smith

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