October 27, 2010 – MacroView Version 7, Document Management Framework, is now an add-on for SharePoint. In an article titled, “MacroView Enhances Document Management,” the new add-on enhances capabilities for document management or large document stores in Microsoft SharePoint. “Finding documents and e-mails based on metadata and text they contain, MacroView DMF lets users browse, search, preview, open, copy, move and delete documents and e-mails stored in SharePoint. Users can also drag-and-drop to save e-mails and attachments to any area of the SharePoint store,” the company said.

An option thrown in with the package is a Unique Document Numbering module. This will enhance the ability of SharePoint 2010 and assign unique document numbers to files as they are saved.

Is this just another plain wrapper add-on dressed up in new packaging? Or something never seen before? We will let you make up your own mind.

Glenn Black

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