October 26, 2010 – In a press release titled “Legastat LTD Streamlines Its Electronic Disclosure Services with Equivio Technology for Near-Duplicates and E-Mail Threads“, Legastat has announced the adoption of Equivio technology to sort out near-duplicate documents and email threads. The promise is to ensure accurate and timely processing of large collections of electronically stored information (ESI).

Casian Sala, Legastat’s director of e-disclosure services, commented,

“Given our increasing ESI processing workload and in light of the new UK Practice Direction in this area, it is essential that Legastat works with market-leading technology providers to continually enhance our e-disclosure workflow. Having successfully completed our first major project using Equivio technology, we are confident that Equivio’s software platform gives us the perfect engine to drive forward our e-disclosure offering to private practice law firms and in-house counsel in the UK and Europe.”

The ability to skip through redundant data and focus on the unique information in each document saves time. “By eliminating data redundancy in large document collections, Equivio’s technology allows litigators to hone in on the information they need to build and win a case,” said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. “We are pleased to partner with forward-looking legal technology service providers in the UK, such as Legastat, that are committed to bringing their customers the right solutions for meeting today’s litigation challenges.”

Time saving measures are always a good thing. But legal information documents are like medical files. If something has to be done right, every time, it is this. Choose the right partner to make that happen.  Access Innovations is known as a leader in database production, standards development, and creating and applying taxonomies.

Glenn Black

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