October 19, 2010 –The startup Legalprise, launched to track court records, has become the popular kid on the foreclosure block due to the mortgage industry’s tragic situation. The searchable database of every foreclosure filing and every related docket entry for five states plans to expand to cover the 23 states where foreclosures are part of a judicial process. Ultimately, the company’s goal is a nationwide, searchable repository of legal documents and public records.

This interesting piece of news was found on HousingWire in their article, “Legalprise, the ‘Google’ of foreclosures, swamped with search requests.” The company’s database is being expanded as it adds clients who want a particular state added. Legalprise has about 75-85% of Florida covered, as well as all of Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Interesting use of indexing technology during a not so fun time in our economy.

Melody K. Smith

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