October 28, 2010 – Semantic technology company Ontotext has formed a partnership with Structured Dynamics to address some of the key semantic “gaps” in the semantic Web. The partnership will focus on development of the next generation of the UMBEL and PROTON ontologies, as well as tools and applications based on them.

This interesting piece of news was found on PR-Web in their article, “Ontotext, Structured Dynamics Form Strategic Partnership.” The massive amount of linked data on the Internet is exploding and this growth has exposed two very key weaknesses – inadequate semantics for how to link disparate information together that recognizes inherently different contexts and viewpoints; and a lack of coherent reference concepts by which to aggregate and organize this linkable content. They are counting on the combination of UMBEL and PROTON to address these weaknesses.

The partnership will provide a logical mapping and consolidated framework based on the two core ontologies. These will be made available as standard ontologies and via open source semantic annotation tools. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Melody K. Smith

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