October 12, 2010 – Things have been changing in the global publishing industry. Some are obvious, but many of the underlying trends are more subtle and relate to the changing audience and their behaviors, i.e. usage patterns. This is referred to as “Audience 2.0.” Publishers are looking for ways to react to the current changes in the media industry and position themselves as long-term survivors and leaders.

This was brought to our attention by Bloomberg Businessweek’s article, “Five Steps for Publishers to Survive.” Publishers are faced with content-generation challenges while they look to compete with sites such as Twitter and mass social networks such as Facebook. The trend is for fast content, not necessarily quality content. News consumption in total continues to grow. In fact, Americans spend about 23 percent more time consuming news every day than they did a decade ago, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. This particular article highlights a few ways publishers are striving to survive. Interesting, and worth the read; especially if you are a publisher.

Melody K. Smith

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