October 12, 2010 – Knowledge locked within public and proprietary data will now be easier to share, thanks to a new platform called Elsevier SciVerse. NextBio, the provider, has touted this as an innovative new platform that integrates Elsevier’s key products and encourages those in the scientific community to share and collaborate on the development search and discovery applications.

This news was discovered here and we invite you to read the full report.

The three new applications are Matching Sentences Application, Methods Search Application, and Prolific Authors. This quote expands and sums up these applications.

“Users typically print an article and then manually highlight relevant sentences/paragraphs. The matching sentences application streamlines this workflow by its powerful sentence/paragraph-level search and custom clipboard features. This application enables a user to very quickly go through a large number of search results, collecting relevant sentences/paragraphs on the way. The Matching Sentences application can save users hours of tedious work,” said Dr. Yibu Chen, Bioinformatics Specialist, University of Southern California.

It seems that new ways to search are popping up every day. The question is, are they worth the risk of missing valuable information?

Glenn Black

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