October 8, 2010 – Integrity Consulting has partnered with the University of Maryland’s QUEST program. Together with QUEST, Integrity is building a social media platform that will provide a community of collaboration and communication for emergency management and homeland security professionals.

This news was brought to our attention on Power Home Biz in their article, “Integrity Consulting Company Partners With The University of Maryland’s QUEST Program.” The QUEST student team is tasked with social media and taxonomy requirements for a secure and trusted platform that will cultivate relationships and provide for information sharing. The outcome of this project will enable collaboration and information sharing working groups for both public and private resources.

Participation in QUEST is mutually beneficial to both Integrity and the University of Maryland. Students are given the experience of real-world problem solving during the course of what is expected to be a four-month engagement. Integrity has made a considerable donation to the UMD QUEST program in support of the students.

Melody K. Smith

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