November 18, 2010 – salsaDev SA is releasing its new product, salsaAPI 2.0, leveraging the 2nd generation of its flagship technology. salsaAPI automates text analysis and semantic indexing on large volumes of information, helping organizations reach the next level of content intelligence. 

This news was found on CMS Critic in their article, “Salsa API 2.0: the next-generation content intelligence engine.” The salsaAPI 2.0 indexes various sources of raw content, automatically enriching it with additional metadata and matching it with texts of similar meanings. The rise of unstructured content within organizations is making smart technologies like this more and more popular. The technology is also of considerable help to organizations having to deal with lots of unstructured but semantically rich content assets, in the fields of financial services, digital media and legal publishing.

Melody K. Smith

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