November 11, 2010 – Intentionally avoiding the use of a keyword ontology, SlipBox is based on traditional slip boxes and manages the notes in a similar manner as the human memory. When taking notes, SlipBox actively discourages the use of categories (unlike most note-taking applications) and just focuses on tags.

We found this interesting piece of information on iPadModo in their post, “SlipBox Extends Your Memory with Associative Searches.” Just like associations between ideas in the mind, the application computes associations between the ideas stored in the slip-box, and just like the thought process leading from one idea to the next, the associative searches of SlipBox take the user from one slip to the next.

It is an interesting approach, though the lack of an ontology development seems to defeat the purpose. Even the human brain uses categories; we archive and segment – or at least we try.

Melody K. Smith

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