November 11, 2010 – One-half million audio recordings have been digitized by Memnon Archiving Systems relying on NOA systems. NOA systems support multiple Memnon projects, including migration of 250,000 digital audio tapes for Danish Radio and 350,000 CDs for BnF.  We found this news on Broadcast Newsroom in their article, “Memnon Archiving Services Achieves One-Half Million Digitized Recordings Using NOA Audio Solutions.”  

“NOA is for me the ‘Google’ of digitizing within an archiving workflow,” said Nicolas de Beco, operation and quality assurance director at Memnon. “Like finding a needle in a haystack, NOA enables us to search and find errors within thousands of performance recordings. And because results are managed in a central database workflow solution, it only takes a few clicks to reorganize the workflow and mitigate the problem.”  

Nice compliment. It is very important to choose the right product and right professionals to help you manage your content. 

Melody K. Smith 

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