December 16, 2010 – Like every other industry out there, the cost of human service is the most expensive column on the balance sheet. This makes it the one constantly targeted for automation to ultimately reduce cost and increase efficiency.

This timely and applicable information was found on PRWeek in their post, “Will software replace PR services?”  The change in approach for news announcements from pushing to pulling via social news, Twitter, etc. shows the efficiency of an automated function.

News monitoring and listening tools help automate brand monitoring, but some layer of interpretation needs to be added. This is where semantic technology enters. This should be considered good news because agencies can streamline low value tasks that no one enjoys doing and focus on high value work, such as creating content and managing complex communications issues. Just like automated indexing, consistency and quality can be achieved and human time and attention can be applied to high value and high revenue work.

Melody K. Smith

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