December 9, 2010 – Virtify, Inc. has released its new structured content management software product, Virtify for Submissions, a collaborative, component-based platform for regulatory submission document creation and management.

PRNewswire brought this to our attention in their article, “Virtify Addresses Submission Challenges for Life Sciences With New Software Product Release: Virtify for Submissions.”

Virtify for Submissions increases document creation efficiency through parallel authoring and review and by providing a web-based platform that enables collaboration between local and geographically-distributed content authors and reviewers. Content metadata is used to describe, catalog, retrieve, and secure content. Configurable metadata allows each customer to determine the metadata fields to be captured as well as the collection of metadata fields that is to be applied to each class of content.

This community-based approach at indexing, editing and reviewing has become the trend of late. Collaboration must be contagious.

Melody K. Smith

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