December 2, 2010 – What do the financial bailout of Ireland and cloud computing have in common? The bailout relates directly to a real-estate bubble that is very similar to the one in the United States and will take the form of loans in the range of $100 to $120 billion – about half the size of the entire Irish economy. A recent survey showed Ireland ranking 13th per capita in IT spending, though not ranking in the top 25 of most vibrant IT cultures. This revealed that Ireland’s IT spending has been deploying new systems and is then, a perfect case for outsourced cloud computing relying on third-party providers to deliver. 

This timely information was found on Sys-Con Media in their article, “Irish Bailout Provides Cloud Computing Opportunity.” It seems as if we are at one of those points where business and government may be able to help one another. The big companies that want to be your cloud services provider have the capital.  

If they could put the right formula together, this could be seen as a challenge and not a crisis. It will be interesting to watch. 

Melody K. Smith 

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