December 2, 2010 – Glencoe Software was chosen by PerkinElmer as the foundation of its newly released Columbus Scope cellular imaging software solution for microscopy. Columbus Scope allows researchers to read, visualize and re-analyze a number of different vendor-specific research imaging file formats, save and use their experimental metadata parameters, and share images with their colleagues and collaborators.

We found this information on PRNewswire in their article, “Glencoe Software’s OMERO Data Management Engine: OME Open Source Technology Continues to Perform in Commercial Products.” This is based on the Open Microscopy Environment’s open source OMERO platform, which provides access to large image datasets over standard internet connections for scientific visualization, analysis, and collaboration. With OMERO, scientists can access new methods of analyses and workflows.

Nice application of open source technology to access data and advance science.

Melody K. Smith

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